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  • This Trump gel system is only for professional nail technicians who have knowledge of nail, skin and nail products.

  • It is important make sure to read and follow all procedures and apply product correctly. Otherwise, it may cause lifting.

  • The curing time for the LED lamp recommends 30 seconds. The UV lamp recommends two minutes at 36 watts.

  • Do not mix Trump gel products with any other gel products. Due to the fact that other companies gel product formulations are probably different from our Trump gel product. There is the possibility that the variations will cause a different effect of the product than what is desired by the client.

  • Make sure not to put the Trump gel system in direct sunlight, it must be stored in a dark place at room temperature.

  • When using this product make sure to always keep the product away from the UV lamp while in use and always put the cover on the product.

  • To prevent deterioration of color, please finish it with Trump gel soft top or hard clear gel.
  • Use the Trump base gel as first layer of gel application.

  • The gel top has a soft type and a hard type. It isn’t necessary to apply UV topcoat. When removing enhancement you will need to file the surface with a 100 grit nail file.

  • If you use a UV lamp, it is recommended that you follow all manufacturers’ recommendations on UV lamp usage, as well as when to check the UV light bulbs. (depending on lamp usage)
  • Make sure to wipe off sticky layer from the surface of the nail with Trump gel cleanser.

  • It is important to always stand gel bottles in a upright position so that the gels will not leak.

  • This product is for external use only.

  • Please keep it out of reach of infants.