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Basic Application

  1. Please sanitize hand with cleansing gel or antiseptic.
  2. Shape the length of the nail with a 240 grit nail file or emery board.
  3. Push back eponychium with a ruby stone or metal pusher, and remove the unnecessary cuticle along sidewalls and eponychium and remove dust with a manicure brush.
  4. Use a 240 grit file to clean near the perimeter lightly. Do not use angle with file. It might damage the nails. (ring of fire)
  5. Use a 240 grit buffer to smooth the entire nail.
  6. Brush off the dust with manicure brush. Use the nail wipes to clean and dehydrate the nail with Trump Gel cleaner.
  7. Apply the base gel and cap free edge then cure with a LED lamp (30 seconds) or with a 36 watt UV lamp (2 minutes).
  8. Apply Trump color gel uniformly over base gel and cure 30 seconds with an LED lamp or 2 minutes with a 36 watt UV lamp.
  9. Apply second coat of color gel and cure 30 seconds with LED light or 2 minutes with a 36 watt UV lamp.
  10. Apply the soft Gel Top without wiping off inhibition sticky layer, and cure in a LED lamp for 30 seconds. In the case of a UV lamp, its two minutes to cure.
  11. Wipe inhibition layer well, no topcoat is necessary.

Gel Removal

  1. Saturate a piece of cotton with Trump gel soak off remover and cover the gel nail enhancement and securely wrap the finger with a piece of aluminum foil. Make sure to keep wrapped for 10 minutes or more. For hard gel use the same procedure, but you must use 100% acetone.
  2. Remove cotton and foil from the wrapped finger and loosen the gel with an orangewood stick. When removing the gel product make sure not to force the gel off the nail, if necessary apply more of the Trump gel soak off remover and re-apply the cotton and foil for another 10 minutes.