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Trump gel is a high quality; reasonably priced gel that is 100% made in Japan and is now being introduced to the United States. Trump gel is a pure gel nail enhancement product without solvents; it is not a gel polish. Trump gel is a LED/UV soak off gel that started in 2006 by a group of Japanese chemist with extensive knowledge in gel technology. Trump gel has been tested on approximately 10,000 customers and 300 Nail Technicians with 100% satisfaction.


New Soak off Gel Technology

Trump gel is made from the highest quality cosmetic and medical grade chemicals and is proven safe to humans and the environment. Trump gel’s shine is radiant and translucent with no discolorations. The base gel, color gel and topcoat can be easily soaked off with Trump gel’s acetone free remover. The hard gel version can be easily removed with acetone.


Contains no acrylic acids

Trump gel does not contain acrylic acids making it less likely to cause damage to the skin, ultimately avoiding allergic contact dermatitis. Also, Trump gel is a gas permeable system that allows oxygen to reach the natural nail making it less likely to promote fungal or bacterial infections.


Color stability (Over 125 amazing colors!!)

Trump color gels contain a non-toxic ultra-fine (1 micron=1 thousandth of a millimeter) pigment which doesn’t contain phenols (acid). The high quality pigments used are so ultra-fine that the integrity of the color is resistant to fading and the particle consistency allows the LED/UV light rays to reflect evenly leaving a radiant shine that lasts. The colors can be mixed for a customized look without loss of color stability and shine. Trump gel is shrink resistant and the design possibilities are endless.

Most gel pigment particles usually differ in size and shape which causes the light reflection to cure unevenly, this lack of particle consistency causes color instability and fading, lack luster shine, shrinkage and it takes longer to cure.

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The quality of Health and Beauty

It’s clear that allergic reactions are a concern in nail salons. Trump gel is made from the highest quality ingredients formulated in cooperation by a team of doctors from Japan consisting of Medical Professors, Doctors of Pharmacology and Professors of Engineering. There is no compromise in the formulation of Trump gel. Health, beauty and the environment are of great importance and at the forefront of the development and quality of Trump gel which solves some common problems in salons such as damaged nails and allergies.


Trump gel acetone free remover

The Trump base gel, color gel and top gel can easily be soaked off with Trump gel acetone free remover. The hard gel version can be easily removed with 100% pure acetone.


Topcoat or Primer not needed

The chemistry used to produce Trump gel is derived from the same technology used to create soft contacts. The structural strength of Trump gel is derived from the same technology that is used to make mobile phones. Trump gel is so durable; it can be worn for three weeks or more without lifting or discolorations.


Curing time

Curing time is 30 seconds with an LED light unit and 2 minutes with a 36 watt UV light unit.