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  • A high quality reasonable priced gel 100% made in Japan
  • Easy to soak off and also can soak off HARD GEL!! The Trump base gel, color gel, and top gel can be easily soaked off with Trump gel remover. The hard gel version can be easily removed with acetone. No damage your natural nail.
  • No UV Topcoat or Primer
  • Time consume: Curing time 30sec with LED light, 2min with UV light
  • No harmful acrylic acid contain and non-toxic ultra-fine(1micron) pigment use!! Very safe for the natural nail and the skin, ultimately avoiding allergic dermatitis. Gas permeable system allows air to reach the natural nail which makes it less likely to promote fungal or bacterial infections.
  • Trump gel is made from the highest quality ingredients formulated in cooperation by a team of doctors from Japan consisting of Medical Professors, Doctors of Pharmacology, and Professors of Engineering.